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Firm "ILIGA" - a diversified research and commercial establishment:

1. Firm "Iliga" conducts scientific - research works throughout Russia at the federal, regional and municipal levels on the socio - economic development of regions, economic diversification, development of legal and regulatory documents for the development of small and medium businesses, the development of competition, problem solving for single-industry towns, tourism development, the creation of industrial parks and others.

2. Firm "Iliga" conducts sociological research across Russia on various aspects of the interaction between state authorities and the public, business and other institutions of society.

3. Firm "Iliga" does image-building, develops tourism and consumer brands for regions, associations and businesses.

4. Firm "Iliga" is included in infrastructure for support and development of small and medium-sized businesses of the Irkutsk region. Firm provides consulting and auditing services, develops and evaluates business - projects. Firm provides existing and aspiring entrepreneurs with counseling and training in all aspects of business activities, helps them in creating websites and writing programs to maintain their own business.

5. Firm "Iliga" administers its own real estate: two shopping centers and a car service.